One Million Moms’ Latest Antigay Boycott Backfires, Resulting In Charity Receiving 300% Increase In Donations

Oops! One Million Moms’ latest boycott just backfired on them in a big, big way.

The drama started last month when American Girl magazine featured the inspiring story of 11-year-old Amaya, who, along with her brothers, were adopted from a foster care program by two dads.

When One Million Moms got wind that the magazine had featured a “non-traditional” family, it launched an attack against both the American Girl Doll and parent company Mattel, accusing them of promoting the gay agenda.

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“The magazine… could have chosen another child to write about and remained neutral in the culture war,” the antigay group said in a statement before calling for people to boycott both companies this holiday season.

Unfortunately for the moms, things didn’t go quite as planned.

As a result of their antics, Amaya, her family, and American Girl received an outpouring of positive national media attention, including coverage by local Fox and NBC affiliates, ABC News, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, Good Housekeeping, Upworthy, The View, and the list goes on and on. Even Ellen DeGeneres, the current reigning queen of daytime television, joined the brigade when she posted about the family on her show’s Facebook page.

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But it doesn’t stop there.

Amaya’s dad co-founded the charity Comfort Cases, a non-profit charity that provides foster kids with basic necessities like clothing, backpacks, toothbrushes and stuffed animals to help make their transitions into new families a little easier.

As a result of all the media attention, monetary donations made to Comfort Cases tripled from last year. On top of that, during annual Holiday Packing Party held over Thanksgiving week, the group was able to put together 500 more care packages than last year, a 70 percent increase. In the end, it distributed more than 10,000 care packages to children in need.

Sorry, One Millions Moms. You lose. Again.

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