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One Million Moms loses its tiny mind over “graphic” men’s grooming advert

A model featured in the Ballsy advert
A model featured in the Ballsy advert (Photo: YouTube)

A timely reminder that Christian pressure group One Million Moms doesn’t just object when brands feature same-sex representation in advertising. The latest commercial to draw its ire is one featuring men trying to groom their pubic hair.

The ad in question is for a small brand of genital-specific hair clippers called Ballsy. The brand also makes ‘Nut Rub’ cologne and an activated-charcoal “ball wash”.

The commercials made their debut on YouTube back in January, but have only now caught the attention of One Million Moms and its founder, Monica Cole.

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She sent an email to supporters this week warning them her eyes had been burned by the “graphic” advert (SPOILER – you don’t get to see any genitals whatsoever.)

“Ballsy needs to be held accountable for their recent ad that speaks openly and repeatedly about men’s genitalia,” the email began.

“This specific commercial, ‘Ouch! – Ballsy B2 Trimmer,’ with its campaign hashtag #MaleGrooming, is currently airing on television.

“During the commercial, a female narrator walks around a fake Ballsy lab with male “scientists” wearing only boxers, while she describes their new product, the B2 trimmer.

“‘Here at Ballsy, we know how hard it can be to trim your balls. That’s why we created the new B2 trimmer. It features two easy-change heads so you can trim your balls or your body without getting ball smell everywhere. Plus, ball-safe blades to prevent cuts. So don’t do this,’ says the narrator.

“The ad then shows the side view of a man wearing an open robe, with one leg propped on the bathroom counter while painfully trimming his private parts.”

“Mentioning ‘private parts’ would have sufficed”

The email concludes, “This commercial is entirely too specific and graphic for television. The details are over the top when simply mentioning ‘private parts’ would have sufficed.

“Yet, Ballsy still chose to air these commercials despite their obviously controversial nature.

“Can you imagine what goes through a child’s mind when viewing these ads? And we all know that children repeat what they hear. Ballsy should be ashamed!”

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The group urged its one million mom supporters to sign a petition against the “crude commercial”. At the time of writing, it had around 12,000 signatures.

Another recent campaign by One Million Moms was in response to a new campaign from Gillette promoting products for trimming female pubic hair.

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