One Million Moms Not Swallowing Kmart’s Jingle Balls Without A Fight


Those stalwart guardians of morality and good Christian values, One Million Moms, have taken serious offense at Kmart for their ode to boy joy, the “Show Your Joe” commercial.

Now, usually OMM doesn’t provide links to the cause of their outrage for fear of contributing “to this filth being spread around even more” but this time they “made an exception” to show how cute and adorable “ridiculous and disgusting” the ad is:

Kmart (Sears Brands, LLC) has a new commercial that is not only offensive — but this once family department store has made a deliberate decision to produce controversial advertisements instead of wholesome ones. This is a terrible plan on Kmart’s part, especially at this time of year!

The title of the current ad is “Show Your Joe,” and Kmart includes sexual content during a Christmas hand bell choir performance. The commercial focuses on several men wearing Joe Boxer underwear thrusting in a sexualized way to the tune of Jingle Bells. They start gyrating and shaking themselves instead of the hand bells, intending to make their “bells” ring in song — which is highly inappropriate.

Clutch the pearls! There’s “thrusting”! And “gyrating”! And “shaking”! Their “bells”! In a “sexualized! Way“! Whoever wrote this press release clearly needs a cold bath in a large tub. But if the One Million Moms are so hard-pressed about the gentlejinglers using their bells instead of hand bells, why don’t they just roll up those sweater-set sleeves and lend ’em a hand? Be the solution, not the problem.

h/t: Huff Po