One of Those

Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres’ girlfriend and Ally McBeal alum Portia de Rossi is on the cover of the Advocate and delivers a wallop of an interview, her first with the gay press.

In an honest telling of coming out to her 98 year old grandmother she recounts the conversation:

“What’s his name?” And I took a deep breath and said, “Ellen DeGeneres.” And she looked really confused. “Alan?” I said, “Ellen.” The talk show isn’t on in Australia, but she remembered Ellen’s sitcom and just remembered her as a personality, and a gay personality.

First thing she said was, “Well, this is a very bad day.” It was the most honest reaction I’ve ever had. Then she said, “Darlin’, you’re not one of those.” It took her two minutes of being angry and upset and frustrated and disgusted–and then she just held her arms out to me and said, “I love you just the same.” When I left Australia, my grand said, “I’d really like to meet her.”

I’m crying already, my God. Four minutes in, and I’m already crying.

Pick it up. Celebrity interviews usually don’t get this honest.