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And with one simple Sean Spicer meme, the Internet bows with respect

Professional stammerer and surprisingly convincing Melissa McCarthy impersonator Sean Spicer just can’t catch a break. And really, as the second most visible (third if you count Kellyanne) member of Trump’s administration, that sort of comes with the territory.

Whether it’s something as innocuous as a trip to the Apple store, or pulling a Conway and citing a completely made-up terror attack, people just won’t let him tell his lies in peace!

Being that public face opens a person to all sorts of other mischief, too. Hey, we’ve got to laugh our way through this nightmare.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s day, Spicer decided a playful green tie during his press briefing was the way to go. What could go wrong?

Well first of all, someone pointed out that he may have wanted to do a spot check first:

But all stains aside, anyone going on national television wearing green should keep in mind one thing: green screens.

Which brings us to this totally-irrelevant yet completely-satisfying work of master-meme:

The Twitterverse, not often a place of praise, took note:

And then came this frightening imposter, using Trump’s weird SNL “Hotline Bling” skit to really melt everyone’s minds:

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  • natekerchel

    Dork! Not the worst thing for him today though – the whole GCHQ debacle is so typical of this incompetent illegitimate regime.

  • apnew1962

    And the 4-leafed clover award goes to…………Jesse McLaren !!! The images he choose were PERFECT!!!!

    • CarrieV

      Agreed! I burst out laughing with each new imagery that popped up. That there was some brilliance in action.

      (Also, kudos to the Qweerty writer who referred to Spicer as the “surprisingly convincing Melissa McCarthy impersonator”. Great stuff!)

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    i realize it’s minor but aside from the stain perhaps seanie’s mommy should make sure his ties straight before the next briefing.

  • Mo Bro

    Spicer is a “professional stammerer”?
    You guys were obviously out to lunch when Barry Obama spoke off-prompter, rendering him unable to rely on his speech-writers’ words, and every third word out of his mouth was “uh” or “um”.
    Here’s just one of many examples.

    • Hogwasher

      Nice try troll. Now back to your mama’s basement with you.

    • mujerado

      Go back, look at the title of that video, then come here and tell us what part of “remix” you don’t understand.

  • Mama Zebra

    When we all stared to get to know Sean Spicer, I got the impression He was a Closet Queen, so I’ve just checked him out on Wikipedia. O.K. so he’s married with two Children,but that doesn’t make any difference. I’ve worked with gay Men for most of my life and know a C.Q. when I meet one. I say this with NO Disrespect to my many Brothers whom I love dearly. Just expressing my Gut instinct.

    • Mo Bro

      So, by that logic, when you look up Neil Patrick Harris on Wikipedia and see that he’s gay and lives with a man, then your automatic response would likewise be, “OK, so he’s gay and lives with a man, but that doesn’t make any difference” . . . right?

    • mujerado

      The value of what Spicer says or does has nothing to do with his sexuality, unless he specifically says something homophobic. Your “gut instinct” is basically irrelevant.

  • GayEGO

    Spicer and his ilk do not have the balls to stand up and apologize as they are afraid Trump will have a hissy fit and play his The Apprentice TV show cjharacter and say “You’re Fired!”. I am really getting tired of this nonsense. Where are the checks and balances for Americans? Trump should be impeached!

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