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And with one simple Sean Spicer meme, the Internet bows with respect

Professional stammerer and surprisingly convincing Melissa McCarthy impersonator Sean Spicer just can’t catch a break. And really, as the second most visible (third if you count Kellyanne) member of Trump’s administration, that sort of comes with the territory.

Whether it’s something as innocuous as a trip to the Apple store, or pulling a Conway and citing a completely made-up terror attack, people just won’t let him tell his lies in peace!

Being that public face opens a person to all sorts of other mischief, too. Hey, we’ve got to laugh our way through this nightmare.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s day, Spicer decided a playful green tie during his press briefing was the way to go. What could go wrong?

Well first of all, someone pointed out that he may have wanted to do a spot check first:

But all stains aside, anyone going on national television wearing green should keep in mind one thing: green screens.

Which brings us to this totally-irrelevant yet completely-satisfying work of master-meme:

The Twitterverse, not often a place of praise, took note:

And then came this frightening imposter, using Trump’s weird SNL “Hotline Bling” skit to really melt everyone’s minds: