One Tree Hill Thinks ‘Homo’ is a Cool Insult

One Tree Hill, the heavily AT&T sponsored (all the characters have AT&T phones, major plot points have been decided by text vote) CW teen drama went way homophobic on Monday, with James Van Der Beek’s character telling two of is friends that they were “acting like a bunch of homos sitting around in a park”, because, well, they were sitting around in a park. Two ways audiences could take this: First, they could assume that One Tree Hill thinks gays spend their hours cruising parks like its 1977 or, in context of Van Der Beek’s speech, you could assume that he was using ‘homo’ in the sense of someone who’s a weak loser. Unsurprisingly, we’re not cool with either. The sharp-eyed Queerty reader who brought this to our attention told us, “Maybe no one even watches the show anymore to notice. I just find it disgusting that in 2009 this is still acceptable to the producers of “One Tree Hill” as well as the CW.” Not to mention their advertisers. Scroll to about 9:02 in the clip to watch for yourself.