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One year after broadcasting suicide victim’s corpse, Logan Paul says he’s “going gay”

YouTuber Logan Paul is perhaps best known for sharing a video with his 15 million YouTube subscribers last January of Aokigahara, Japan’s notorious “suicide forest”, where he encountered a hanging corpse, pointed, and laughed.

Remember that? It was truly vile and caused a huge outcry on the internet, prompting Paul to issue multiple apologies, none of which felt particularly sincere.

Well, he’s making headlines again.

The 23-going-on-12-year-old from Ohio just announced that his New Year’s Eve resolution to “go gay” for a whole month. And people aren’t happy about it.

In his podcast this week, Paul and his co-host Mike Majlak talked about their plans for 2019.

In January, they guys have decided to go “sober and vegan.” In February, they’ll do the opposite, and eat steak and drink “big bottles of Tito’s [vodka] and shit.”

Then comes March.

“And then March,” Paul says. “Take a guess. What is it? Male-only March! So it’s male-only March, we’re gonna attempt to go gay for just one month.”

“And then swing,” Majlak interrupts. “Go back!”

Then the boys erupt into laughter–since being gay is hilarious!–before moving on to discuss the line-up for Coachella this year, which, let’s not forget, is owned by billionaire Philip Anschutz, who has donated tons of money to multiple antigay causes.

Thankfully, the decent people of the world aren’t having any of Paul’s homophobic B.S.

Seriously, this guy needs to go away. What day is trash collection again?

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