Online Dating For Bible Thumpers


This dude named Justin noticed a huge gaping void in the online dating market: queer Christians. Seems like even Bible-thumping gays enjoy getting nailed. So he started a web site. Preaches Justin:

In too many places and churches a “gay Christian” is seen as some sort of contradiction, but I have come to discover through my own struggle with being gay that there is a place for people of all sexual orientations in Christ’s Church.

And that place is We checked out the site and, though not exactly for us heathens, we like what we see. It’s like most other dating sites but with that extra bit of holiness. Relationship options not only include such basics as marriage and friends, but also prayer partner and Bible study partner. Nothing you’ll ever come across on

You hot queer Christians in the Bible belt need to sign up now. The site is offering ungodly free registration for only a limited time.