Online Dating Popular With Criminals

The word “Manhunt” has taken on a whole new meaning for us after reading about men who use the “dating” site to rob victims that they meet for sex. Apparently as Internet dating becomes more popular with the every-man, so it does with the crook as well. Just look at this guy, who is accused of robbing over fifteen Manhunt dates:


Does he look like a criminal to you? He does have that whole squinty-eye thing going on, but we just thought he was trying to be sexy. Well he didn’t just steal some guy’s wallet, he allegedly tried to drive off with his Audi convertible! That’s pretty ambitious, really, but we give him props for his guts. We wonder if the sex was sucky and the robber felt justified in taking the car. Perhaps it will come out in court.

Online hookup sites see thefts, assaults [Washington Blade]