Only 24 Hours Left To Stop The NH GOP From Repealing Marriage Equality

New Hampshire Republicans have begun to make good on their promise to repeal the state’s marriage equality law. The repeal will demote marriages to civil unions and allow pretty much anyone to discriminate against LGBTs. But you can help stop them, if you act quickly.

The House Judiciary committee will meet tomorrow to discuss whether to repeal marriage equality, so you have one day to tell them not to do it.

Just e-mail [email protected], put “Vote NO on HB427 as amended” as the subject line and write a brief respectful e-mail urging the committee not to repeal marriage equality and its associated rights.

If the amended version of HB427 goes through, it will leave all LGBT families open to discrimination in schools, workplaces and any public accommodations. It will also make it harder for gay families to make legal decisions for each other in the hospital, court room or posthumously.

Via Good As You