Only One With a Problem Trans Student Andy Moreno Is Running For Homecoming Queen? The Principal

Andy Moreno, an 18-year-old Texas high school senior, wants to run for homecoming queen. Born a boy, Andy dresses in women’s clothing and identifies as transgender girl. But after some friends nominated her to run for the crown, the principal warned Andy such a contest would be unacceptable. North Dallas High School principal Dinnah Escanilla told Andy she should run for homecoming king instead, because of the anatomy that exists between her legs. No, says Andy: “I don’t feel comfortable with [that suggestion] because I identify myself as a woman and not as a male, and a king is a male.” Moreover, the Dallas Independent School District, which trumpets its anti-harassment policies, has no rules regarding the sex of kings and queens.

Moreno says the homecoming crown contest was never about making a statement — until administrators tried shutting him down. And now, says Andy, it is about standing up for trans rights, though she understands where Principal Escanilla (pictured, right) is coming from: It’s her first year on the job, and she probably doesn’t want to ruffle feathers. Uh, mission not accomplished. (Escanilla has made her email address public: [email protected])

Bravo to Andy’s family, meanwhile: Andy’s mom Maria and sister Daisy are standing behind her.

Homecoming winners will be announced Monday. Good luck!