Only Probation for Gay Puncher

gas station

A man with some serious issues (dare we say he’s struggling with something?) has been let off with a bitch-slap on the wrist. Paul Randor, 46, was ordered to go to some anger management classes and to stay away from the Rte. 16 XtraMart. Ouch! He can’t go to the XtraMart?!?! How ever will he survive?

Police allege Randor entered the XtraMart the afternoon of Dec. 11 as two male employees in their 20s discussed homosexuality. Randor asked if they were gay, then asked if they were calling him gay, police said.

The employees answered no, police said, and Randor asked the 25-year-old employee to step outside. When he refused, Randor punched him in the face, police said.

We say throw the fool in jail. First of all, why was he in their business eavesdropping in on their conversation? Second of all, no gay person would work anywhere called XtraMart. And finally, were the two guys hot?

Punch thrown over gay comment lands man on probation [Milford Daily News]