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OnlyFans faces mounting pressure to delete Bryan Hawn’s profile following racist meltdown

More and more people are pressuring OnlyFans to take down model Bryan Hawn‘s profile after screenshots of racist remarks he allegedly made on social media about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protestors began circulating online.

“Dude, let’s not stick our head in the sand. 90% of blacks die from other blacks,” Hawn falsely claimed in one of the tweets that has been making the rounds. “They always resist law enforcement, and their protests leave cities in complete destruction.”

“Plot thickens as the black community desperately searches for a white person to blame for them deciding to destroy the city with their own bare hands,” he wrote in another.

“I used to feel sorry for black people until I saw the Minneapolis Riots,” he said in a third tweet. “Ya… I’m done.”

We could go on, but we think you get the point.

Last week, OnlyFans shared a message of solidarity with the Black lives Matter movement, tweeting: “Black Lives Matter. Together we stand for #blackouttuesday.”

But many people were quick to note that one of the platform’s most popular gay models has a rather long history of making racist remarks on social media, and yet for some reason his profile has never been deactivated.

Here are some the responses…

Since then, pressure for OnlyFans to cut ties with Hawn has only intensified…

Last week, OnlyFans said it would no longer host content by Billy Santoro after he called on Black people to be shot.

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Queerty has reached out to Hawn for comment. We will update this post if we hear back.

UPDATE: Hawn has responded to our article in the comments section, noting that he only has one official Twitter account and that “screenshots can be manipulated very easily in photoshop.” He adds that he has “posted to my only fans showing my support for African America Rights as well as speaking out against violence.” Read his full, unedited response below.

In a follow up email to Queerty, Hawn adds, “I was not built to be silenced & I was not built to break. You can harass me, bully me, trash me, paint me in a negative light, make up lies about me, misrepresent my intentions, make fun of my appearance, cancel me, but you will not infect me with your hatred. And you will never break my spirit.”