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OnlyFans star to plead guilty for uploading sex video of his boyfriend without consent

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Fabricio Da Silva Claudino is a 31-year-old Brazilian traveler and OnlyFans star (and we use that term lightly). Claudino will plead guilty in an Australian court this week after he illegally uploaded a video of he and his boyfriend having sex to the internet.

The Daily Mail reports that the incident happened in July of last year. Claudino, a former flight attendant, took the four-minute video on his iPhone while he and his boyfriend vacationed in Brazil. The pair split after five months of dating.

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After the video hit the internet, Claudino’s ex-boyfriend notified authorities that the Claudino had taken the video–in which his naked body was fully displayed–without his consent.

“The victim is clearly unaware of this activity being recorded and can be depicted in the recording as face down throughout,” court documents read. “At one point the defendant positions the mobile phone towards a mirror where his face is depicted…at no stage, did the victim consent to the defendant taking this recording.”

Claudino got slapped with 11 counts of taking and distributing explicit images and video without consent. This week, he also pleaded guilty to 15 charges of indecent exposure after exposing himself on his apartment balcony in full view of a school. Claudino took video of his penis exposed on the balcony, which he also uploaded to his OnlyFans account.

Claudino had previously pleaded not guilty to the revenge porn charges. His attorney expressed that his client would change his plea this week, and that Claudino will likely undergo sentencing next month.