Ontario Catholic School Board Votes To Let Students Form Nazi Gay-Straight Alliances

Re-voting this week on whether to allow students to form gay-straight alliances, the Halton Catholic District School Board in Ontario, Canada, voted 6-2 in favor of repealing the ban until the district comes up with a new policy (that doesn’t violate Ontario’s Ministry of Education rules). Snaps go to Clarisse Schneider, an 11th grader and student trustee, who told the adults in the room that sexual orientation shouldn’t even matter because all students are taught to keep it in their pants until marriage. Meanwhile over at the Ottawa Catholic School Board, superintendent Tom D’Amico says gay kids are definitely welcome: “A student who is openly gay in our schools, we want all of our students and staff to accept (them). We don’t want to see them marginalized in any manner.” BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NAZIS! UPDATE: On Jan. 18 the school board, at a meeting packed with students, voted 6-2 to strike down the ban on GSAs — but that doesn’t mean all is well. Instead, the school board will permit “diversity groups,” which will be inclusive of all potentially discriminated against students, which means race and religion will be mixed in with LGBT issues. Meanwhile Chairwoman Alice Anne LeMay, who compared student GSA groups to Nazi student clubs, refused calls to resign her post; the board unanimously reaffirmed her post. The two school board members who voted against repealing the ban?

Trustees Anthony Danko and Jane Michael voted against the motion. Danko, who ran away from Xtra’s microphone, says he collected the names of 128 people who support the ban from a local church. Michael, the trustee who earlier told Xtra, “I don’t think sex clubs should be in school,” says she wasn’t affected by the heartfelt words of the students. Her position on GSAs stands.

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