Oooh, Alfie!

Lily Allen’s little brother and inspiration stoner Alfie Allen appears in Equus over in England. And, as we learned with little Daniel Radcliffe, the role requires some full-frontal. We’ve included NSFW pictures after the jump. Before you click, however, read this from Holy Moly: “Alfie Allen was told to trim his pubic hair for his nude scene in the play Equus.”


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  • unclemike

    It makes a nice shadow puppet. ;-)

  • Dan

    I don’t see much hair to trim. Sounds like someone is trying to grab some pub

  • afrolito

    Where’s his wand? He’s also pretty fug.

    I’ll wait for the real deal with Daniel on broadway.

  • Daggerman

    …O.M.G…it looks like one of the sausages I had for dinner last night…

  • garbone100

    I’d do him. He’s hot.

  • AWG3126

    I am not sure WHY I even bother to read your COME ON articles!!!! I bet that about 80% of the NSFW links you have DO NOT WORK!!!!

    I am SICK AND TIRED of being led on, thinking I am going to see a nice dick, or something other than a blank page,with the words, “broken link”, “taken down”, etc.!!

    Why don’t you get your act together? If the pictures have been taken down, REMOVE THE LINK and CHANGE THE STORY TO ALERT THE READER..


  • AWG3126

    I wonder why I get a message “you have already said that” when I attempt to criticize your articles for NOT having the NSFW pictures you claim to have.


  • cancorv

    Yes, it is a bit of an issue, these broken links. Can’t you keep them up-to-date? Or put the pix on your own server?

  • mujerado

    @AWG3126: Are you trying to access it on a phone or notebook? Links very often don’t work with phones. Here we are over a month later and I can see all the photos.

  • silveroracle


  • crowebobby

    He’s much too old for the part. Alan is supposed to be 17. (Nothing to do with the dick pic, I know.)

  • AWG3126

    I just wanted to let everyone (who cares) that today (7/20/16) the NSFW links (actually pictures are included in article) are now available!! I have no idea why they are now available; but it is nice to finally be able to see the dick I was looking for!!

    It would have been much better to have included these grainy pictures in the article the first time around.

    It would be great if anytime an NSFW link is posted, make sure it is still active, or as another person said, just include the picture (like this one now) n the article to start with.

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