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Oops! Madonna’s “Masterpiece” Is Ineligible For The Best Original Song Oscar

madonna-2008At this rate, Madonna is never going to join Liza and Barbra in the EGOT Club–the prized group of individuals who have won Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Tonys.

As director of W.E., she teamed up with the Weinstein Brothers, two heavyweight producers who pride themselves on their ability to deliver Oscar nominations and wins. Their team has been sending out screeners of W.E. that tout “Masterpiece” as a contender, and it snagged a Golden Globe Nomination. So why didn’t they make sure “Masterpiece” was at least eligible?

The tune didn’t show up in the list of 39 contenders for Best Original Song, released today, because it failed to meet the latter of these two criteria:

a) Consist of words and music, both of which are original and used specifically for the film; and

b) Be used either in the body of the film, or as the “first music cue” in the closing credits (i.e. the first song that plays once the screen fades to black).

Unfortunately for the Material Girl, her song plays as the second one in the credits, after Abel Korzeniowski’s score continues. For the lady who never gets upstaged, this must be an outrage!

Photo via David Shankbone

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