Oops! Melania’s tweet about #ReadABookDay didn’t get the response she was hoping for

Melania Trump reads a book to sick children in a hospital.

Poor Melania Trump. She can’t seem to tweet anything without getting epically trolled by the entire Internet. And today was no exception.

Apparently, it’s National  and Mrs. Trump took to her official FLOTUS Twitter account to remind everyone that reading is fundamental:

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the responses…

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  • KaiserVonScheiss

    So some people on twitter have a field day acting like petulant children. How nice. Explain how this is gay-related, or even news, for that matter?

    • DCguy

      Or you could explain exactly what policies Trump outlined and has done that make you support him since he and his party have stated so clearly that they are against any rights for LGBTS

    • Roan

      You’re a white supremacist. Nothing you say matters.

    • Sam6969

      KaiserVonScheiss: I do not know you, but I agree with your comment. People responding on Twitter are so mean and undignified to attack her like that. And btw, I do not know either how is her comment or person gay-related either.

    • KaiserVonScheiss


      No, but you’re a libelist and a liar.


      Trump has stated no such thing.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      @Kaiser: I very much enjoyed your profound philosophical teachings in a certain comment thread recently. I wish you would pontificate more on the nature of reason, metaphysics, and LOVE. You are the true heir of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle.

  • Gay Scottish Guy

    Ffs… I realise twitter isn’t exactly the home of rational thought on the internet but the way I see it is that Melania Trump is actually trying to send a good message. Totally unnecessary.

  • Chris

    I’m to the far side of left and it annoyed me to no end when people snarked on Michelle Obama for trying to do good. This treatment of another human being who never asked to become first lady is no less annoyingly snarky. Fair’s fair. ….. Trump is fair game; but not Melania. Nor for that matter is his 10-year-old son. As far as I can tell, neither asked for their roles.

    • DCguy

      GOP troll alert.

      Nobody here spoke about their son, but it’s been a great faux outrage generator on the right wing sites. So there was no logical reason to bring it up here unless you’re just another troll from there.

      But nice try.

    • DCguy

      Oh, and another Troll giveaway is when people say things like

      “I’m far to the left but…….”


      “I’m a lesbian/gayman/transgendered but……”

    • Sam6969

      Chris, I agree with you. People are so mean and disgraceful, while thinking they are clever and entitled. What a pity…

    • Heywood Jablowme

      I haven’t seen ANY unkind comments, anywhere, about Barron. Thanks for bringing up a red herring.

      (Compare that to the non-stop disgusting filth that right-wing racists spewed about the Obama girls for 8 years.)

      First Ladies always have a role or two, though. Someone in the staff is apparently urging Melania in this “book” direction. Okay to joke about.

    • mhoffman953


      Apparently you aren’t in the loop or ignore the unkind comments about Barron. People like Rosie O’Donnell and journalists have alleged he might have autism and have wrote scathing articles about him wearing a t-shirt and shorts, with one journalist claiming when Barron wore a t-shirt which said “The Expert”, she wanted to puke from looking at him.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      @mhoffman953: Really? That seems like a very strange thing for anyone (especially a liberal) to want to puke about. It makes me rather admire young Barron; doubtless he is indeed “The Expert” in that family on most matters.

      I hope for your sake that Barron doesn’t wear a vagina hat. I know how scared you are of vagina hats. That might make you faint!

  • Lvng1Tor

    OK, so I am not a fan of our P/FLOTUS it is not necessary to attack her every tweet. I can see and agreed when it is completely ironic, like her tweets on cyber bullying, Charleston, or even mental health when her husband is intent on getting rid of health care coverage but this is just plain idiotic. If you want to reply to it, reply with something constructive about his attack on education…not this BS. She sent a text encouraging people to read. Why attack that?

    As was expressed in an above comment she is not fair game. I disagree, She has signed her financial contract with one of the worst people on the planet…for love…come on? She is completely fair game for her actions. The only Trump that is off-limits is Baron and to a point, Tiffany since she really only did the expected daughter thing by standing by her sperm donor during the election and since been pretty much MIA in the political arena. BUT BARON IS OFF LIMITS COMPLETELY.

    • DCguy

      If only the people on FOX who spent years doing nothing but attacking Obamas kids felt the same way.

      Isn’t it interesting that the same people that would spend a week calling Sasha and Malia brats, spoiled and any other name they could think of if they dared to look bored are the same people hyperventilating constantly about non-existent attacks on the Trump’s kid literally spent 8 years attacking Obamas.

    • frankcar1965

      The day she shacked up and married the Dumb One she became complicit. She is fair game for everything since she is an adult and so is Tiffany for standing up beside her crooked father.

  • MaxTaste

    Twitter is the playground for child-like adults. With that perspective, I thought some of the responses were clever and funny.

  • DCguy

    It’s funny that everybody has a heart attack that her tweet was mocked acting like she’s going to melt.

    This is a woman who dropped out of school, became a model in a foreign country with no family around her, been called a whore in print, and has been married to one of the most unpleasant men in NYC for over a decade. My guess is somebody mocking her on twitter isn’t going to cause her to bat an eyelash. Unlike her husband who has a meltdown for each negative tweet he gets.

    • frankcar1965

      Especially for that paycheck she gets!!!

  • Roan

    Bless her heart. She’s still cashing the checks.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Has “My Pet Goat” come back to the library yet? Maybe Donald could read it upside down like Bush did!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    She craves something with a spine.

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