Oops :/ Trump Cabinet Hopeful Forgets Coversheet, Exposes Homeland Security Plan

Thank god Cris Kobach didn’t email these potential Homeland Security plans to anyone — can you imagine the uproar?

Instead, he just blithely smiled on as professional camera equipment snapped his sensitive document, sitting at the top of his folder sans cover sheet.

Kobach, who is currently the Secretary of State in Kansas (we can’t imagine Kansas receives all that many threats to its security), joined the revolving door theatrics of visitors to President-elect Donald Trump, as he assembles his team of power players.

Kobach is in the running for Secretary of Homeland Security, but if he’s trying to show he’s up for the job, he’s got a ways to go.

“Kobach strategic plan for [the] first 365 days,” reads the top of the document, just underneath the header “Department of Homeland Security.”

At the top of the list is an item called “Bar the Entry of Potential Terrorists.” The plan, according to this doc, is to reinstate the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, which went into effect after 9/11 and required men over the age of 16 from 25 different countries, 24 of which are majority Muslim, to register with the government upon entry to the country.

This may even sound like “better safe than sorry” common sense, but when the plan was effectively called off in 2011 by President Obama, it had helped convict exactly zero terrorists.

The document also calls to “reduce the intake of Syrian refugees to zero,” and add “extreme vetting questions” about Sharia Law, jihad, equality of men and women, and the United States Constitution for “high-risk aliens.”

The next part of the paper addresses “criminal aliens,” the proposed wall on the Mexican border, and voting laws, though much of the text is covered by Kobach’s arm and hand.

Hey, maybe this will take the conversation off Trump’s bashing of Broadway’s Hamilton. Well played, gents.