Open Closet Door No Longer Equated To Boogeyman

Alan Chambers

With gays showing up on screen as cowboys, hosting their own daytime talk shows, and on the ice in Torino, kids these days have much more exposure to queers in the media. This, of course, helps them open that stifling closet door sooner than the Rock Hudson-like gays before them. While seemingly good news to everyone else, the conservatives are naturally having a hard time dealing with these facts.

Says the now marraied ex-gay (our condolences to his wife for their nonexistent sex life) Alan Chambers:

“I don’t believe kids should embrace these feelings,” he says of kids coming out. “I don’t believe it’s healthy for young people to embrace an identity that they may end up changing later, and to be thrust into physical and emotional issues that should only be embraced by adults. I think as a society we are not only allowing but encouraging young people to embrace an identity that I think is detrimental to them.”

He says Exodus encourages kids not to deny their same-sex feelings but to deal with them with the help of parents, pastors and mental health professionals.

And with a barrage of ex-gay propaganda and involuntary enrollment into hetero boot camps those parents, pastors, and those “mental health professionals” will deny those same-sex feelings for you.

Oh and yes that’s Mr. Chambers’ pic above. Please pay no attention to that twinkle in his eyes.

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