This open letter to those gay partygoers aboard that sinking ship has gone absolutely viral

An Instagram account called @GaysOverCovid has been publicly exposing gay men who have been openly defying the advice of public health officials during the pandemic.

The account, which first appeared last summer, ramped up its efforts over the holidays, posting photos from superspreader Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve circuit events, and memes from that gay cruise that just sunk off the coast of Mexico.

Now, LGBTQ activist and filmmaker Leo Herrera has posted an open letter to the #GaysOverCovid crowd and it’s going absolutely viral.

“Dear Gays Partying in Mexico,” his letter begins. “I want you to know we aren’t dragging you or cackling at that sinking party boat because we’re jealous (OK, maybe just a little).”

Herrera goes on to list all the reasons why so many people find their behavior problematic. And he doesn’t hold back either.

“It’s not just the colonizer vibes of locals selling their health with a smile for your margarita,” he writes. “These giggles are because we understand all too well why you’re on that boat to begin with.”

He then charges the #GaysOverCovid crowd with indulging in some of the “dark impulses” many LGBTQ people have fought against for decades, including drug abuse, racism, and transphobia.

“You clacking that obnoxious fan at a circuit party during a pandemic is systemic homophobia at work,” Herrera explains, “the failure of our schools for not teaching you AIDS history.”

“It’s a confirmation that our worship of the sun-kissed Adonis, that flesh-industrial complex of parties and porn has always hidden a culture of nihilism and death.”

Herrera closes his letter by saying #GaysOverCovid “embody the most tedious, vapid and scary parts of us, forcing us to use shame as a weapon and knowing we’ll need to unpack yours for years.”

“Thanks for giving us homework when we have so much else on our plate,” he concludes. “Don’t get me wrong, we also laughed at you because you look like a f*cking clowns.”

Since sharing the letter on Instagram on Saturday, Herrera’s post has received over 8,000 likes and almost 500 comments. It’s also being widely shared on Twitter.

Read the full letter below.