Open Minded Ohio Senate Candidate Wants Gays Dead

electric chair

We’ve heard it all before. The nutty candidate without a chance in hell of getting elected enters the race just for publicity. But the strange thing this time is he’s a Democrat. Merrill Keiser, Jr. has said on the record that he’s open to punishing gays with the death penalty. Sweet guy.

He also suggested making “conversion to Christianity” part of the “war on terror” to “teach Muslims the error of their choice in religion.” Keiser added that if a person believes in evolution, he or she “has no rights.”

Reportedly, Keiser is running as a Democrat because “that’s what he was the last time he voted.” He will face the heavily favored Sherrod Brown in the May primary.

Of course, this moron won’t even get his own mother’s vote but it’s still annoying the Democratic Party hasn’t stopped him from using their name. Maybe the officially can’t but what if they have Madeline Albright pay the dude a late night visit. That should scare him straight.

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