Openly Gay London Politico Richard Barnes Accidentally Uploads Nudes To Facebook

79.Richard-BarnesHey, queens!

Have you updated your iPhone to the newest iOS7 software? Did you know there’s an inconvenient setting that allows your phone to upload photos to Facebook without your permission?

Neither did openly gay London politico Richard Barnes, 65, who was literally caught with his pants around his ankles online this week. The former London deputy mayor gifted his Facebook fans, albeit unknowingly, with two fully uncensored nudes (check them out here).

At least Barnes is taking it like a champ (ha!), so to speak. Instead of doing the usual song-and-dance around nude photo scandals, Barnes told MailOnline “these things happen.”

“I’ve had 30 years in politics and I’m not fucking stupid and it’s not the sort of thing I would do. I didn’t know until a friend told me. I’ve deleted them all now.”

Too bad they’ll live forever on the Internet…

“I know my sheet is clean,” he continued. “You just have to ride the storm. But I trust my 30-year record stands for what it is. It’s just sad that I can be a target. I’m hacked off, to pardon the pun. These things happen.”

Before you go scrambling through your phone to turn off this awful new feature, check out the full guide to censoring your pics at Business Insider.

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[Photos via Daily Mail]