Openly Gay Rep. Tammy Baldwin Honorary Obama Inauguration Co-Chair

“The Presidential Inaugural Committee has released a list of the honorary co-chairs for Barack Obama‘s inauguration. The group includes former Presidents George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter; Senators Dick Durbin, Dick Lugar and Claire McCaskill…Also on the list is openly gay Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin.”[AP]

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  • ChicagoJimmy

    Are we supposed to be all giddy about this “token” appointment? Is this supposed to make up for Rick Warren? Does she get to make a speech? No, I think not.

    With all due respect to Tammy Baldwin (who I adore) I’m still pissed off at the whole inauguration and it won’t mean as much to me as I hoped it would. I saw a bit of an election re-cap last night on Olbermann, and while I did get a bit of that emotional excitement back, I also have to admit some bitter feelings. I still just feel like we were thrown under the bus. We’re the last group that it’s still socially acceptable to discriminate against or speak down about in the most foul ways. I hate to hear how they spoke about Tammy in those “smoke filled rooms.”

  • Alexa

    Nice of him to throw us a bone (so to speak).

    Sorry, still pissed.

  • adzomelk

    does this mean we will get to have dykes on bikes @the inauguration im with the previous posters the appointment is tokenism & im still pissed

  • Michael W.

    That’s why I’m glad my President-elect didn’t waste a cabinet position on some token queer. You’d all just bitch and say it’s good for naught anyway.

    “Boo hoo hoo, this does nothing to cure my terrible case of PTSD after Rick Warren was selected to give the invocation.”

  • BrianPrince

    Seriously? You’d rather have some drag-princess with an undergraduate degree in forestry be the secretary of the interior than somebody qualified, JUST because he looks pretty in heels?

    How petty are you?

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