Opponent Attacks Openly Gay Tampa Commissioner With Coded “San Franisco” References

Thankfully the political dialogue in most parts of this country has reached the point where, unlike major-league hockey, you can’t just refer to your opponent as a fucking faggot.

So right-wing candidates looking to sling mud at out politicians have to get creative. One such slimeball, Margaret Iuculano, is running for Hillsborough County Commissioner against openly gay incumbent Kevin Beckner (at right).

In a lengthy letter Iuculano sent to voters, she doesn’t directly attack Beckner for being a communist fudgepacker. That would blow up in her face.

No, she uses that tried-and-true codeword for homos—”San Francisco.”

Check out some passages from her four-page mailer, dated August 24:

As conservatives you and I understand that radical left wing politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Kevin Beckner want to replace our capitalist, democratic republic with a European-style socialist welfare state. In fact, under Barack  Obama, they’ve already had some success in achieving that goal.

…Local government has become the lynchpin of the radical liberal agenda. That’s why Im running for Hillsborough County Commissioner in District 6 to defeat Kevin Beckner and his ultra-liberal San Francisco style agenda

Left-wing radicals like Nancy Pelosi and Keving Beckner have adopted the San Francisco Model [emphasis theirs]… a plan to turn American cities and counties—including Hillsborough County—into bastions of liberalism.

Simply put the San Francisco Model espouses taking control of local governments who carving out new legal protections for illegal immigrants and “alternative lifestyles”—even banning foods because city officials decide they are “unhealthy.”

Inevitably the San Francisco Model leads to bigger and more intrusive government, more lawsuits against small businesses, higher taxes and fewer jobs.

Under the San Francisco Model they have the right to BAN EVERYTHING!

In San Francisco they’ve banned plastic shopping bags

They’ve banned sugary soft drinks and bottled water from city property

…children’s toys in so-called non-nutritious fast food kids’ meal (who determines what’s nutritious versus “non-nutritious”?)… they’ve banned the declawing of cats, tobacco sales in pharmacies and smoking in open-air restaurants…

Sorry, our geography isn’t so good—is Tampa IN F%[email protected] SAN FRANCISCO?!?

No, we didn’t think so.

Not surprisingly, there’s little in Iuculano’s letter addressing Beckner’s specific policies or providing concrete examples of how her ideas are superior. Just fear-mongering about the absolute hell that is the City by the Bay.

Guess that’s why its one of the most densely populated and highly desirable places to live in the country?

Of course we hope she gets laughed out of town. But if Iuculano is elected, there’s one silver lining.

Instead of using unpleasant terms like “bigot,” “white trash” or “homophobe,” we can simply refer to the Tampa Model.