Oprah And Friends Discuss How The Gays Can Enrich Traditional Marriage

With more and more countries and gradually more and more states embracing marriage equality, Queen O held court with panelists the Rev. Ed Bacon, Elizabeth Lesser and Mark Nepo to discuss whether this is “a social revolution or a cultural shift.”

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  • 1EqualityUSA

    I appreciate what Oprah is doing, but it will be a happy day when people are no longer voting on our rights, discussing us in this manner, and speaking of us in a “hot topic” kind of way. It’s really old. Inequality cannot be supported by our Constitution. If the rights of our LGBT community are suspended this century, who is next?

  • Deepdow


    It is really old. A lot more emphasis needs to be placed on making homophobes and their anti-gay rhetoric. They need to be the hot topics.

  • Dionte

    Once same sex couples can get married across the entire country opposite sex couple weddings will increase.

  • tardis


    I love your comment. Often times, I feel this way too. Although they mean well, and I appreciate them talking about our community in a positive way, I can’t help but feel inadequate because we’re still being talked about in a conditional sort of way, as if what we’re doing needs to be agreed upon, when we’re only being natural to ourselves. It’s a very complicated feeling I must say.

  • Charli Girl

    You know what? You are absolutely right,and from now on I’m going to flip the script(spin it)
    RIGHT back to that. I’m so sick of DEFENDING myself and my sisters and brothers!
    From now on I’m going to focus the conversation more to their bigot,homophobic,hypocritical
    rhetoric …. Just saying..
    By golly,I think I shall start tomorrow …just saying

  • Surg

    @1EqualityUSA: although I understand where you’re coming from I don’t necessarily agree with you. I also applaud you for your kind ways. I’ve seen this video of a gay telling Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to stop singing gay anthems, because they didn’t know what it’s like to be a gay man ir woman being discriminated against. and that a gay person should be singing those songs. But if it weren’t for them, the truth wouldn’t get to the closed minded people. To those teens that disagree with their parents and actually do believe in equality just because they saw that we’re human. Thru these people talking about us. Back to the guy’s remark; if it were a gay man singing one of those songs, who the hell would buy it?! It would never be as popular as Born this Way, or Firework. As for me, keep talking. No one would listen to me (a gay teen) telling people that gay marriage would enrich traditional marriage. Once again- I wasn’t hating on your comment!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Surg, You are very articulate. I cannot imagine that people would not listen to what you have to say. Hopefully, by the time you and your friends opt to marry, this legal strife will be in history books. Thanks for your vantage point. Bigotry can be such a burn-out.

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