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  • Woof

    Oh well then that is it…if Oprah is involved then gay IS definitely the NEW BLACK

  • fredo777

    I can already foresee the “Free Melissa” t-shirts when they cart to jail for tax evasion.

    I’m seriously hoping it doesn’t come to that. :(

  • fredo777

    * they cart her

    damnit. Tried to stop the page before it submitted.

    Oh, but alas…

  • Charles Merrill

    Come next tax day, April 15th, 2009 there will be 18,000 legally gay married gay couples in California, 11,000 in Massachussets, and the number is rising in Conneticut. Perhaps 50,000 couples total. That’s 100,000 people not getting 1,138 Federal benefits. You think Melissa will be the only one protesting. No my friends, think again. A movement is starting and when enough LGBT’s protest we will get our rights pronto. Obama and congress will repeal DOMA real fast. It’s about the economy, and the last thing they need is for a group of people not paying taxes.

  • Bob

    If we could get Oprah to champion our cause we’d be sitting pretty.

  • jason

    this episode is about two weeks late. better late then never, i guess.

  • D.B.

    I haven’t seen today’s episode yet. But I hope Oprah takes the opportunity to support our cause loudly and clearly. (albeit, a little too late.)

    However, if the past is any indication, she does support gay rights and equality, but just isn’t particularly vocal about it. I would imagine she doesn’t want to encourage gossip about her own personal life that true or not, might alienate the housewives out there who are her core audience.

  • Robert

    Totally LAME… in the few minutes devoted to the topic (more time was spent speaking about the fires in Montecito) Oprah didn’t really say anything about prop 8, she just let Melissa and her partner speak… and even that wasn’t as hard hitting as it could be.

    C’mon Oprah, where is that hard hitting righteousness you have for causes that are important to you?

  • Brian Terrill

    God’s wrath is in her neighborhood of Montecito. When the California Supreme Court legalized Gay marriage in Cali, wild fires raged. Now God’s wrath is in Santa Barbara County to punish those who contributed the most to No on 8.

    Fear the wrath of a just and angry God. Like Oprah cares about marriage anyways.

  • chris

    I am not understanding why the gay community wants to impose its morality on marriage? Everyone has the equal right to get married. It just so happens marriage is between a man and a woman. You cannot change the definition to suit your morality. If you can, then there is no end in site. Soon people want want their “equal right” to marry whatever they want.

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