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  • Jack


    Do go on, Queerty, I’m on the edge of my seat!

  • dvlaries

    The announcement’s timing feels suspect: “I’m not letting Wasilla Godzilla and her stupid goddamn book have the whole week’s attention.”

  • Quake

    I always thought she would take that talkshow to her grave?


    Wonder whats her next business venture? With all that money and no kids to bother you she has to be up to another project or something.

  • Tom

    Any bets that Oprah and her “soul mate” Gayle will be opening a Wimmyn’s Collective Coffee House and Political Studies Center on a farm outside of some small town near Seattle?

  • Mike Barton

    September 2011 is closer to two years…

  • christopher di spirito

    “Why would anybody stay in Chicago? It’s freezing here, and I have a mansion in Montecito that I haven’t been able to enjoy.” — Mama O, explaining why she’s ending her long running TV show and moving to California

  • Greg

    The timing isn’t suspect. If you read the press journals, you would know that Oprah has contract with Discovery Channel to launch the Oprah Winfrey Network. Discovery insisted that she make up her mind about the content for the network.

    Anyone moronic enough to believe that Sarah Palin affected her is a moron. Oprah is worth 2.3 billion dollars. Why exactly should she host a TV show at age 55 if she doesn’t want or need to do so?

    If you had that kind of money, what would you do?

  • AxelDC

    You told Harpo to beat me!

  • Michael vdB

    Love her or hate her, she has been a staple in many American and Canadian households since she first aired. 1986! WOW! Expo 86 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Boy…so much has changed since that time for this Western Canadian boy.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Stick a fork in her.

  • romeo

    Yeah, dontblameme, I want to know if she’s done, too. LOL


  • tjr101

    Truly an American Icon… Oprah!

  • InExile

    If only she would have supported the woman candidate (HRC), we wouldn’t be having all these problems!

  • AxelDC


    You mean the wife of the guy who signed DOMA & DADT?

    >>>No. 13 · InExile

    If only she would have supported the woman candidate (HRC), we wouldn’t be having all these problems!

  • tjr101

    I have to laugh at people who think we would be living in utopia had Hillary been elected. HRC is more calculating and triangulating than BHO will ever be… she would have gone with the polls.

  • PootieTang

    Good riddance! who cares about Okra?

  • Attmay

    I haven’t been this happy since “Friends” was cancelled. The collective IQ of American housewives is going to skyrocket post-2011.

    I can’t begrudge her her success: she rose from poverty and an abusive childhood to become a news reporter, then a talk show host, then a TV institution. But that wasn’t enough. Seriously, her new network is going to be called “OWN”. As in “I OWN ALL YOU BOVINE, BON-BON SUCKING COUCH JOCKEYS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” If this isn’t megalomania, then what is?

    @15 TJR101:

    Under Hillary we’d be in the same place we are now.

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