Oral Robert’s Grandson Wants To Show America Just How Boring Gay Couples Can Be

Oral Roberts’ gay grandson Randy Roberts Potts has started a project to expose mid-size conservative towns across the U.S. to “The Gay Agenda” by having a gay or lesbian couple “live” inside a borrowed storefront for a little while so people can see them vacuuming the carpet, making coffee, reading the paper, playing cards with friends, ordering pizza, and watching TV. Physical intimacy will be limited to casual contact that “might be acceptable for any heterosexual couple in public… hand-holding, an arm around each other, a casual kiss hello/goodbye.”

Potts calls it, “performance art designed to foster love and acceptance” and adds “THE GAY AGENDA AS CONCEIVED SHOULD BE INCREDIBLY BORING TO WATCH.” Sounds riveting.

You can help decide which town they will bore next by sounding off in their Facebook page or Twitter account