Orange County High School Trades ‘Too Gay’ Rent for Charlie Brown


HATE SCHOOL MUSICAL — Corona del Mar High School’s principal Fal Asrani refused to pay the Rent, so now students will have to settle for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. In the on-going saga Queerty was the first to tell you about, the Orange County school canceled its originally planned spring musical because of Rent‘s portrayal of gay characters. Drama teacher Ron Martin will now rehearse his cast for Clark Gesner’s musical comedy. Because Linus isn’t gay at all.


Ms. Asrani still stands by her word that she didn’t cancel the production of Rent over anything gay — and that it was Mr. Martin who called things off. This, coming from a principal who, during a meeting with Martin and a union rep, called off Rent because she needed to review the script’s inclusions of “prostitution and homosexuality,” says Martin, even though there’s nothing about hooking in Rent. (This was also the first time Asrani asked to review a script in Martin’s five years of working at the school, Martin says. It’s common practice for a principal to review scripts for student productions.)

Moreover, it seems Asrani isn’t the only higher-up who’s out of touch. Dana Black, president of the Newport-Mesa Board of Education, says the school district has no problem with edgy material, but “we don’t want anybody feeling alienated.” Well, Ms. Black, you just did some alienating: all of your gay students now feel less than equal.

So students will go ahead with You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, which beside Linus’ light loafer appeal and the bromance between Charlie and Snoopy, isn’t explicitly gay. But it’s been performed by a bunch of homos before, so maybe Ms. Asrani should think about canceling this one, too.

If you’re interested, the email adddress of Ms. Asrani — who is “especially proud of all our students and their serious efforts at keeping the classrooms and the hallways respectful and clean,” whatever “respectful” means to her — is

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