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Orange County Supervisor Walks out of Public Meeting so she won’t have to Hear Constituents Talk About Harvey Milk

The Orange County board of Supervisors doesn’t care if you want to celebrate Harvey Milk Day in the privacy of your own home, just as long as you don’t flaunt it in public.

For the last month, LGBT activists have been pushing for the Supes to issue a proclamation recognizing Harvey Milk Day, which is just a week and a half away. (May 22. You do have it marked on your calendar, don’t you?)

They even went so far as to approach the Chair of the Board, Bill Campbell, with a sample proclamation. He wasn’t interested, and so far none of the Supervisors has been willing to put a proclamation on the agenda.

In fact, at the Board’s public comment session yesterday evening, Supervisor Janet Nguyen got up and walked out of the room rather than listen to voters testify about why they wanted the proclamation. Or maybe she just had to pee really badly? For twenty minutes?

Of course, there’s nothing new about anti-gay politicians opposing Harvey Milk Day. Senator Roy Ashburn voted against it three times before he was finally forced out of the closet. So maybe Janet Nguyen just slipped out to call her girlfriend.

Now, we have just one more chance to force them to vote: at the next Board meeting on May 17th. Organizers are asking OC residents to call the Supes and demand that the proclamation be placed on the agenda. And who knows, if that winds up happening, maybe the whole Board will stand up and leave. To which we say, good riddance.