Orange Is The New Black Stars Take Sexist Interviewer Down A Few Pegs

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 1.57.11 PMIn the age of YouTube pranks, we so sincerely wanted the interviewer in the following clip to break character at the end and say “we got you!”

Then Orange Is The New Black stars Uzo Aduba, Natasha Lyonne and Samira Wiley (Crazy Eyes, Nicky and Poussey) could all have a good laugh, knowing the absurdly sexist interview they’d just endured was all in good fun.

But no such luck.

Aduba, for instance, was asked “Don’t you think that in the series you really need a guy inside the prison with you, doing things that just one guy can be able to do?”

She tries explaining that there are, uh, guys on the show.

“‘I’m talking about guys, men. Want to see my muscles?” he responds.

Lyonne eventually calls the spade out, saying, “I feel like it’s accidentally maybe a little bit mysoginistic, because it’s like ‘You’re so beautiful! What’s it like having to do all that acting?’ I can’t tell if that’s the question, but if it is it’s insane.”

Watch the uncomfortable mess below:

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