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‘Orange is the New Black’ returns for a new season, and its gonna get crazy

The women in Orange have crossed into new territory.

Netflix drops Season 6 of one of its first big original-content hits and perennial award magnet, Orange is the New Black, this weekend.

The groundbreaking show has brought to life lesbian relationships in a women’s prison–and introduced celebrities like Laverne Cox to a wider audience. It returns with a new season arc. This time around, Piper (Taylor Schilling) and her fellow misfit inmates find themselves transferred to a new prison, and predictably land themselves in a whole load of new trouble.

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Following the prison riot of Season 5, the ladies land in a maximum security prison rife with gang-related tribalism, courtesy of a new set of color-coded uniforms. That also means a set of new characters, including Mackenzie Phillips as a domineering inmate bent on using Piper & company in a longstanding feud between cell blocks.

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In other words, expect the usual mix of drama that helped add the term “binge watch” to the vernacular. Netflix and chill, to be sure.

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