Gay Bashing

Oregon Duo Beat Up on the Beach


A spring break trip to the Oregon coast was short cut by a vicious gay bashing for two nursing students from Western Washington.

The two men, Samson, 22, and Kevin, 22, said they left a campfire to walk along the beach during what was supposed to be a stress-free getaway. But the walk itself was anything but stress free — the two were beaten unconscious late Saturday night.

When Samson and Kevin finally came to, the two nursing students knew just how serious their injuries were.

“The whole event — I really don’t remember a lot, because I sustained a lot of head trauma,” said Samson.

“I’ve never had a face trauma like this or anything like that. It’s pretty bad,” Kevin said.

Thinking back to the attack, the two men said they believe it was their sexual orientation that made them a target.

“All of the sudden, someone asked if were gay, called us ‘fags,’ then started punching us,” said Samson.

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