Oregon Lawmakers On Gay Rights Trail?

Gay Oregonians have something to celebrate today. Lawmakers are currently mulling two bills that would guarantee them the basic rights afforded other citizens. One bill hopes to ban gay discrimination in the work place, while the other will extend certain rights to same-sex couples.

Of course, this isn’t some willy-nilly gay nup law: couples will have to fit certain stipulations. The Washington Blade reports:

The bill includes a requirement that couples who enter into civil unions live in Oregon for a certain amount of time, and would allow a same-sex couple to enter a civil union via a contract, instead of needing a clergy member or judge to make it official.

Hmmm, that sounds convenient. Well, except for the living in Oregon bit. Yeah, it’s pretty and all that, but we’ve never wanted to marry someone that badly.

Oregon legislators heard a similar bill back in 2005, but it stalled in the GOP controlled House. Gay rights activists are optimistic the Demmie-controlled government will help get things going.

They’d better hurry, because Washington-based Alliance for Marriage has amped up efforts to ban all gay nups by targeting state lawmakers, rather than federal leaders. Of the move, VP Bob Adams says:

We believe the day is coming when the Marriage Protection Amendment will be sent to the states. The time to organize for that is now, not 10 years down the road.

It seems like a waste of time, if you ask us – 45 states already prohibit gay marriage. Can’t these people just move to those states, rather than trying to get up in everyone else’s business?