Oregon Lawmakers Pass Domestic Parnterships

Oregon’s one step closer to domestic partnership rights. The House voted yesterday that same-sex couples (among others) deserve many of the same rights as straight married couples. Speaking on the historic win, Basic Rights Oregon’s Aisling Coghlan remarked:

Today is without question a monumental day for not only Oregon, but for our nation. Oregonians know too well the value of being able to protect our families–and this bill directly reflects that deeply held pro-family belief. Basic Rights Oregon applauds the Senators who voted in favor of basic fairness for all Oregon families, a value very much in step with the majority of Oregonians. We should all be proud of this historic day.

House Bill 2007 is not simply another piece of legislation, but a moral call that both the Senate and House have strongly answered and the Governor has pledged to meet.

Of course, the real celebration comes when Governor Ted Kulongoski signs his name, thus officiating House Bill 2007’s legal status. Although, Kulongoski has already pledged to give up his John Hancock on this and an anti-discrimination bill.

Oregon Domestic Partnership Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk [Salem News]