Oregon Student Teacher Seth Stambaugh Can Tell Elementary School Kids He’s Gay Again

After getting kicked out of an Oregon elementary school for revealing to elementary school kids that he is a homosexual adult man, student teacher Seth Stambaugh will be welcomed back at the school. It only took some national outrage to get us here.

You’ll recall the Lewis & Clark College student was removed several weeks ago after responding to a fourth grader’s question about whether he was married (Nope, said Stambaugh, because he would choose to marry a man, and that’s illegal), which got back to some whiny parents. But after a sit-down with Sexton Mountain Elementary’s Principal Don Martin, there’s good news to report.

With the supportive signatures of twenty-two parents in hand …

His lawyer Luke Perriguey said, “Mr. Stambaugh is joyous beyond belief. He is celebrating privately with friends and family and will make a public statement to all media in the next few days.” Perriguey said the offer of reinstatement came at an afternoon meeting at Lewis and Clark College. Stambaugh will resume his student teaching duties at Sexton Mountain Elementary School next Thursday, returning him to his regular Thursday and Friday schedule.

The offer also probably came after Perriguey reminded the district he could make their lives hell with a full blown civil rights lawsuit, but that’s just water under the watercolor bridge now.