O’Reilly: Adam Lambert’s ‘Embarrassing’ Photos Pose Big Risk

Bill O’Reilly won’t admit to being a homophobe, but he always manages to find an issue with gay folks — always under the guise of “I don’t have a problem with this, but AMERICA MIGHT!” The bigoted Fox News anchor just discovered American Idol‘s Adam Lambert, who is expected by bookies to win the contest. For a guy who professes to be so knowledgeable, O’Reilly walked into this segment not even understanding how Idol voting works. (It goes like this: Americans vote, and the contestants with the most votes stay in the competition. Difficult, we know.) And while O’Reilly wishes Lambert “the best” with his Idol dreams, his entire newspeg for the segment was the photos of Lambert kissing other dudes, which surfaced on the web weeks ago. His producers were sure to block out the actual lip locking in the photos of Lambert kissing other dudes — photos which O’Reilly calls “embarrassing.” If Lambert does win, we’re sure O’Reilly will blame the “illegal aliens.”

The conversation about whether Lambert being gay could affect his chances of winning Idol is a worthy one. We’ve had that same discussion right here on this site. But when O’Reilly involves himself in the fracas, he’s proven over and over it’s not to engage in rational debate, but to stir up hatred and homophobia.