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  • An Other Greek


    and I really wonder what good going on that charlatan’s show does…

    do people watching this show want DISCOURSE?

    Is it an exercise in FUTILITY?


  • ChristopherM

    I question Frank’s judgment for going on there in the first place and expecting that lying screaming sack of shit to behave any differently than he normally does. Anyone with some dignity would turn down his invites.

  • gayinsf

    If O’Reilly didn’t carry on like a mad woman no one would watch his tired ass.

  • Chuck

    The hypocrisy of Republicans id truly amazing. It was this same type of “manly” bullying style that W used to bully us into a war, destroy the economy, and ruin our world reputation.

    The scary thing is that some people can’t even see that. What is so great about the almighty “business” he refers to?? Seems like the business approach (ie the bullying machismo) got us to where we are. Halliburton anyone? Selling our ports to the Arabs? Spying on Americans?

    The Bush Administration makes Nixon look like a saint. Every NeoCon should be stung up in town squares across America and spit on by all those not peddling this total b.s.

  • Berdie

    I can not stand O’Reilly – but in this specific interview – every single word he said was on target. Barney Frank is lying to EVERYONE…not just O’Reilly…and it’s repulsive. Don’t like because he’s a gay Democrat? Fine. It’s still true…now deal with it.

  • fredo777

    O’Reilly is full of shit.

    I truly can’t stand him.

  • JJ

    I just want to take issue with calling Bill O’Reilly a “pundit”. What does he know about anything? Is Rush Limbaugh a “pundit”?

    It’s giving his trashtalk too much credence, imho.


  • Qjersey

    Peter Finch in Network=Bill O’Reilly.

    out of his freakin mind…which brings in viewers.

  • Thor

    You can tell Bill is right because he is louder.

  • Brian Miller

    They’re both jackasses.

    Frank has used his status as a closeted-and-then-outed gay man to apologize for the Democrats’ crappy gay record, and O’Reilly is an anti-gay dick.

  • garynyc

    No wonder the country is in trouble with that old, old cocksuker Barney in charge of Fanny Mae and the crash, Bill called it like it is the old fag is a coward and that bad in for us fags, gives a bad image…not that theres anything wrong with that.

  • An Other Greek

    the previous comment may qualify as hate-speech, or perhaps self-hate-speech?

    talk about giving US a bad image…

    — – — – – – – – – — – – – – — – – – — – – – — –

  • garynyc

    RE:another greek

    what do you find untrue about :previous poster” comment

  • Anonymous

    If people would just refuse to go on Asshole O’Reilly’s show, he wouldn’t have anything. In fact, they should just refuse to go on Faux, period.

  • Shirokuma66

    Exactly, anonymous. If you go on that show, on that network, this is what you can expect. Why put yourself through it? Why does anyone bother. I was surprised that Obama did. Bill O’Reily is NOT a journalist, just a talking, babbling head that should be relegated to satellite radio.

  • Anonymous

    i love how barney frank says he was all for regulation, but you can find videos of him and his fellow democrats bashing people in congress for asking for regulation on fanny and freddie. frank even says in the video that fanny and freddie are stable and that there is no reason to worry. his democratic buddy then says that its like performing surgery on someone who doesnt need it. honestly, come on. everyone is to blame but at least cox admitted he was wrong. both the republicans and democrats who never did anything need to admit being wrong.

  • Cray Hunt

    For all the FOX networks bashing that goes on here the fact still stands…it is by FAR the most watched news/talk network often twice the viewers as the others and sometimes out drawing even the three “main stream” (such as they are) networks…think some of you above are out of it?

    With all the cash O`Reilly brings into The News Corp. dont think is going anywhere soon, sorry losers.

  • Bob

    Bill O’Reilly needs to calm his sorry ass down. Maybe he can find another intern to sexually harass.

  • M Shane

    Thanks Chuck (above0 that’s about right. Cheney alone has made 70 mill since the beginning of the war off of Halburton. The U.S pays privateers between 250-375 billion/yr to these companies who mostly commit fraud.
    Since WW2 deregulation has screwed Americans out of everything. The war was nothing more than an excuse to divert tax money to private Corporations. So a very few people made a fortune off of everyone elses taxes.

    I don’t like so many people understand why anyone would set themselves up for abuse by going on O’Reily’s show. He is indeed not a journalist at all just a stupid bully.

  • gray hunt

    Too bad guys, you lose again. Per New York Times today Monday Oct. 6th , week of Sept.22/28
    Fox News first most watched Pres. debate 4.3 million viewers, CNN pres.debate 4.0 mill viewers ABC CBS NBC not even in the running. Next weeks numbers covering the Palin debate will blow the lid off for Fox News probably in the 6 mill area.
    Looks like most queers are watching the wrong stations or not watching at all, just repeating stuff they get on lib blogs.

    Be sure and watch O`Reilly tonight…the Barney Frank boyfriend working for FannyMae…should be a lot of fun.

  • polobear

    Fox is the most is the most watched news program now but what are the demographics?…the ratings will die off with the older generation

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