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Oreo releases beautiful film about a homophobic dad coming to his senses

Oreo Proud Parent film
(Photo: Oreo)

It was Coming Out Day last weekend, and in case you missed it, Oreo released a sweet little film on the subject of parents supporting their LGBTQ children.

In the movie, a woman, Jen, is taking her girlfriend, Amy, home for the first time to meet her family. We see members of Jen’s family, including her mom and sister, warmly welcoming Amy. However, her dad can only summon up an awkward, civil greeting from the other side of the room.

The man is clearly uncomfortable welcoming Amy to the family in the same way he embraces his other daughter’s male partner.

Fortunately, over the course of their stay, his attitude shifts, leading him to make a heartfelt gesture of support for his daughter and her partner.

The film is entitled Proud Parent and is part of Oreo’s year-long #ProudParent initiative with PFLAG. The campaign aims to, “shine a spotlight on the powerful impact love & acceptance can have on LGBTQ+ youth. Together we’re committed to empowering and inspiring parents, families, and allies to come out in loud, public support.”

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PFLAG said in a statement, “The #ProudParent platform is our partnership with OREO, aimed at empowering and inspiring parents, families, and allies of to come out in loud, public support, because every time a parent comes out in support of their child they inspire others to do the same – making the world a more accepting, affirming, and compassionate place.”

Oreo has also produced a limited number of rainbow-colour Oreo cookie packs. However, they’re not on general sale. To get one of the 10,000 packs, it’s asking people to: “Share a photo of what allyship means to you. This can be you and your friends at last year’s Pride parade, your chosen family or how you show allyship for others!” Take your photo and “Post it on Instagram or Twitter using #ProudParent + #Giveaway and tag @OREO.”

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Twitter and Instagram are beginning to fill up with entries.


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I never imagined what this sign would mean to so many @lapride parade! I got high 5’s, thumbs up, thank you’s, hugs, shouts of “way to go mama” “we love your son”… I got emotional when I was told more than once how much it means. But especially when a older gentleman asked for a hug and told me he wished his mother would of supported him! I cry for him and others who dont have support and love ! My only regret that day was that my son couldn’t make it. Happy that his boyfriend ( pictured) @gunnardeatherage did! #pride #lovemyson #lovewins #lapride #loveislove #gayson #proudmama #pridemonth #straightallies #pride2019🏳️‍🌈 #happypridemonth #lbgt #supportyourchildren #prideparade #laprideparade #worldpride2019 #gayson #mamadragons #projectrunwayallstars #loveyourchildren #whittierpride #Giveaway #ProudParent @oreo

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Oh, and what do the rainbow cookies taste like? Equality, of course!