After Orlando, Benham Brothers Love Gays So Much They Want To Help Them Turn Straight With Jesus


This just in: The antigay Benham Brothers have done a complete 180 on their feelings about LGBTQ people after the massacre in Orlando. They no longer despise them. Instead, they love them. And mourn with them. And wish them all the best. At least according to a recent video they posted on Facebook.

“Our hearts are just broken for the families and for the victims, those who were killed in the gay bar, the gay club in Orlando, Florida,” David Benham say in the video. “You know, this is going to be politicized on both sides. It’s ridiculous! No one should ever be targeted like this, this ISIS plot. And clearly they’re targeting homosexual people.”

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Jason then added: “Here’s the interesting thing. We, as Christians, believe that homosexuality is wrong, and the [Islamic extremists] they believe it is wrong. But our response is different. We’ve been going to gay Pride marches for the past decade, and we’re planning on going this year to the Charlotte gay Pride march. But we’re going to bring the love of Jesus, to people who need Jesus!”

“Look,” he continued, “these are our gay brothers and sisters, and we need to stand up for them now. That’s our Christian response.”

In other words: They’re going to be among those crazies holding signs that say things like ‘REPENT!’ and ‘Homo Sex Is Sin’ kicking their way down the street after the parade has passed through. Great.

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Just in case you forgot, in the past, the twinsies have compared same-sex marriage to Nazi Germany and have taken part in countless antigay rallies and protests. And in recent months, they have been vocal supporters of Pat McCrory’s bathroom laws. Oh, and they once suggested giving out free baseball tickets to gay people could cure them of their homosexual desires.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and see what the brothers have said about gay people in the not-so-distant past, shall we?

  • In April 2016, the twinsies said gay people were filled with “rage and hate” and were “the vine of Sodom … [pervading] every sphere of society” with a “deadly poison” and “demanding participation.”
  • A month before that, in March 2016, David Benham told a crowd he doesn’t want to live in a “bizarro world” where Christians can’t legally discriminate against LGBTQ people.
  • In July 2015, just days after marriage equality became the law of the land, Jason Benham encouraged antigay activists to be like Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart by putting “blue face paint on” and battling to the death.
  • Also in July 2015, the brothers published an op-ed saying Christians have been thrust into “the cross-hairs of the militant, secular agenda” and that they must fight back. “God created us and put us here on the earth for such a time as this!” they said. “So let’s stand to our feet on God’s side of the fence and embrace the fire that purifies our faith.”
  • In September 2014, they said gay people were akin to ISIS, “[plotting] to silence the beliefs of Christians in this nation.”

But hey, all that’s in the past, right? Today they stand with their “gay brothers and sisters.” That is, until their “religious liberty” is threatened again.

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