After Orlando, This Random Act Of Kindness Towards A Gay Couple Will Help Restore Your Faith In Humanity

nice-note-from-stranger-1After what has a been a heartbreaking and difficult week, we have some honest, genuine feelgood news.

Alexander Peña and his partner, Jeff, were finishing up a nice dinner at the Monte Alban Mexican Grill in Irondequoit, NY on Sunday when the waitress approached. But instead of the check, she handed them a handwritten note:

“Have a great night!” the note read. “Humanity showed its worst this weekend so it just felt right to do something nice today.”

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The waitress then informed them that a woman with a young child had paid for their dinner just before leaving the restaurant.

“I was puzzled and confused, mostly because I’m not usually the type that even gets a drink bought for them,” Peña writes on Facebook, “but then I read the note and paused–Jeff and I are clearly a couple, we are affectionate toward each other, and even admired the young kid together in the booth across from us. ”

He continues: “I can’t stop thinking, or better yet ‘feeling’, about how genuinely sweet this woman’s gesture was to me, my boyfriend, and our family together. How fortunate that child is to have such a tolerant and kind caretaker… We need more people who teach love over hate.”

“You never know what anybody’s going through,” server Aileen Centeno tells Time Warner Cable News. “Even if they didn’t lose a child that day, somebody did. That doesn’t mean we can’t all hurt for them.”

I’m so thankful for this woman’s reminder to be kind and loving to everyone, including strangers, without a reason… Just because,” Peña adds.

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