The Oscar-snubbed gay drama “BPM” just won France’s Best Film Award

Robin Camillo’s internationally celebrated film BPM has taken the prestigious Best Film prize at France’s equivalent of the Oscars, the César Awards.

The picture tells the story of HIV/AIDS activists working through ACT UP in the 1990s. It’s a powerful, visceral and vital film, and it deserves every accolade immaginable.

BPM actually swept the awards ceremony in Paris, earning wins for editing, original screenplay, supporting actor, score and more.

It previously won the Grand Prix at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, earning overwhelming acclaim from audiences and critics at the festival.

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France selcted the film as their entry into the Foreign Language category at the Acadamy Awards, and it was a big surprise when it wasn’t nominated.

With eyes on the Oscars this Sunday, we hope BPM’s big wins at the César Awards will translate into a wider audience around the world.

Yes it is that good!

At the César Awards, many dresses and lapels featured white ribbons to show support of France’s version of #TimesUp, #MaintenantOnAgit (Now We Act). Penelope Cruz, who was there to accept an honorary award, was one of the more high-profile atendees with a white ribbon.

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