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Othello‘s Desdemona Is Saved By Her Sassy Gay Friend

My goodness, comedian Brian Gallivan finds himself in some of historic fiction’s major tragedies. Ophelia and Juliet have already both benefited from their Sassy Gay Friend, and now here comes Othello‘s Desdemona, who survives her husband’s murderous rampage, and probably got a blow-out afterward.

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  • Joshua

    YES! I have been waiting for a new one of these for awhile!
    I gotta say this one had some pretty good one liners! Haha pleated pants… oh man. Well i’m gunna private dance it out of here.

  • fredo777


    wow. just…wow.

  • Bryan T

    This is just effing delightful. I love this series. Oh, what, I wonder, will they do next…

  • Anne

    Haha! This series is hilarious, more please!

  • Nathan

    OMG! These videos make my day! XD

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