Ottawa Hosts First All-Gay Bonspiel

Gays from all over Canada will be coming to Ottawa to attend a bonspiel organized by the Ottawa Rainbow Rockers. What is a bonspiel, you ask? We will give you some hints. It is: very social, with excellent food, and no shortage of ice. Sounds like fun, right? It sounds like some of mixer, or party, or…

gay curling tournament

It’s a curling tournament! In fact Ottawa is coming to the table pretty late as the seventh Canadian city to host an all-gay bonspiel, but they are going to start their own tradition this weekend. Kevin Nixon of the Rainbow Rockers says “It’s a great way to meet people from out of town … I’ve met a lot of new friends through it.” We know what that means Kevin, you naughty boy. You’d better be careful where you put that broom handle of yours.

For readers interested in attending, the public is invited to watch the tournament and attend the parties, all of which are happening this weekend in Ottawa, Ontario. Check the Rainbow Rockers site for more information.

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