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Otters, bears, and pigs (oink!): Silber Fuchs NYC create naughty tees that are perfect for Pride

Pride season is upon us, and this year we’re ringing it in by spotlighting the folks who make us proud to show up to work each day — the artists, activists, performers and personalities who make our community shine.

Silber Fuchs NYC is a family business created by Denis and Donald (pictured, left to right), both of whom were born and raised in NYC. (The name is “silver fox” in German and pronounced “silber fooks.”) Their goal is to “create fun, slightly naughty designs,” several of which are featured below. We asked Donald to wax poetic about Pride, and his answers may shock you.

1. What are you working on right now that brings you Pride?

My husband Denis and I have started a T-shirt company, Silber Fuchs NYC (blatant plug), and it’s become all-consuming. It’s the first time we’ve ever had our own business and there’s a lot to learn.

2. Describe your first Pride.

I wish I could remember. Being a native New Yorker and 53 years old, it most likely involved watching the parade on 5th Ave and more than a few cocktails.

3. What was your most awkward Pride moment?

I’m usually not the awkward one, but I’m more than happy to point it out in my close friends.

4. What Pride is on your bucket list?
We’ve done Pride in NYC, Asbury (yes, that counts), L.A., Berlin and Madrid. All were tons of fun. I guess we need to get to South America one of these days.

5. How is Pride different this year?

This year is a reminder that the fight is never over. This past year has taught me to never say, “This could never happen.” #notmypresident

6. What’s your ultimate Pride song?

I think it has to be the Allison Moyet version of “I Just Wanna Dance,” or some ’70s disco song like “I Love the Nightlife.” Of course, ’80s Madonna brings back great Pride memories.

7. What’s your ideal Pride outfit?

I hate the word “outfit.” It’s like my mother using the word “stylish.” Jeans and a t-shirt all the way. And, of course, my baseball cap.

Check out some of their merchandise below: 

The Butt Babies Tank

The “Heart (Big ) Cock” Tee

The “Butt Babies Pig” Tee

Dapper Fox Shredder

Woof Baseball Cap: Flex Fit