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Our 7 Favorite Flamboyantly Fabulous Pop Diva Remakes



It’s hard to tell how much credit the beach bummin’ Fire Island Pines Guys deserve for sweeping the nation with pop star video remakes after “Party in the F.I.P” racked up more than 1.2 million views (in four weeks) in an homage to Miley Cyrus. But they certainly helped inspire at least a few like-minded flamboyantly fabulous followers to follow in their wake — and reminded us YouTube was built for our obsession in singing along to pop hits while recording ourselves.

Herewith, seven of our favorites from recent memory.

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  • myrios123

    very entertaining, thanks.

  • dlpca

    What great enjoyment and release in viewing these, better than sex…OK, maybe not but a close second. I loved the videos Queerty, thank you!

  • gay

    with all due respect to the fire island pines video makers, most of the videos you posted were made prior to their video! might i add, that gayz and drag queens have been doing remakes to pop songs for ages!

  • Michael vdB

    I enjoyed all of them because each had really great qualities. Really great job for everyone!

  • David

    Thanks! What a great video and a great song.

  • baka

    #6, single ladies, are members of the national tour of The Color Purple. So it’s more of a 30’s southern suit thing then 50’s page boy. And it’s done on the set for the show… so random!

  • Jason

    They were all pretty good but the last one to Miley Cyrus was my favorite. Shows how out of the loop I am; I thought Miley was country music. First time hearing anything from her; a lot better than her Dad. He was an embarrassment to country music.

  • KyleR

    My fav was the Single Ladies one. And I hate that song. LOL.

  • scott ny'er

    @KyleR: Agreed. Those dudes were good. I like the styling. And man those pants are tight. They’ve got some bootie along with nice dance moves.

  • BMax

    There is a latino version of this filmed in vieques. Much hotter!

  • craig

    Okay, have to jump into this stream…had forgotten about the “spiceboys”…they were one of the first youtube lip-synching phenomena, weren’t they? I agree with Corey, the production values of the Kylie song were fantastic and it deserves to be one of the top choices. However, you are all forgetting Lilly Allen’s “Fuck You”! Perhaps one of the best. The link is:

    or if you would prefer the French rendition with the cute French boys, it can be found at

    There are a couple of honourable mentions that should be included on this list and they both derive from Glee’s, “Say A Little Prayer For Me”. The first is a group of Otters performing the song – not the best choreographically, but the lead is priceless. It can be found at

    Another version of the song with the best male lead (I believe) and future Queerty subscriber (if he is not already) is found at

    If you want to see a kick ass live version of Miley Cyrus’ “Party In the USA”, you can always search on Youtube for Nick Pitera – he really is a good singer (and cute too!).

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