Our Favorite Gay Texts From Last Night


Perhaps you’ve heard that blogs are big business? No, not because they generate fame and fortune from advertising, but because quirky web memes get turned into book deals. There’s Stuff White People Like, This Is Why You’re Fat, and overnight sensation Texts From Last Night, all of which have been sold to various publishers for jealousy-inducing fees. Oh, you don’t know about Texts? Then you’re seriously missing out, because this shit is funny. Anyone can submit a text message they sent or received about something that went down last night — and usually alcohol, drugs, or sex are involved. Sometimes all three. And with millions of texts going to and fro everyday, there’s bound to be some homo-filled SMSing, right? Yes, absolutely. Here’s a few recent entries … and yes, some of them sway homophobic. ‘Cause that’s what the kids are doing these days.

(NOTE: The numbers in parentheses? That’s the area code the text came from. And each page may contain more than one series of texts.)


(636): Well I’m going to a gay club in my banana suit. You should come. My bro is going as a pirate. I don’t know if there’s a theme.

(563): My dad just sent me a text telling me to “say hi to all the luscious bitches” at the gay bar. Guess this explains my childhood