Our Nanny Reunion Dreams Come True Again On The New Season Of Happily Divorced

We weren’t the biggest fans of Happily Divorced, Fran Drescher’s TV Land sitcom. Not so much for the based-on-reality premise—Fran’s husband comes out, they divorce but keep living together—as for the lackluster humor and dated gay cliches.

But we perked up when Drescher’s former Nanny co-stars Charles Shaughnessy (a.k.a. Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield) and Renée Taylor (who played Fran’s mom, Sylvia, on the Emmy-winning CBS comedy) made appearances.

We especially liked Shaughnessy’s role as a successful author interested in bedding both Fran and her ex-husband. (Okay, so we had a gayby crush on Mr. Sheffielf back in the day.)

Well it looks like we’ll be tuning in again when Happily Divorced returns for its second season on March 7. TV Land has announced that in addition to eternal beauty Morgan Fairchild, Divorced will welcome back Taylor this season and bring in Ann Guilbert, a.k.a. The Nanny‘s fuzzy-headed but world-wise Yetta.

If they cast Niles and C.C. as nosy neighbors, we’ll know we died and went to campy rerun heaven.