Journo Comes Out As Theater Fag

Our New Favorite Term: “Homo-Sex-With-Gals”

Things have been a bit bleak this morning. We’ve had gruesome not gay Larry Craig, suicide and a nearly bankrupt gay activist group. As part of our continuing an effort to bring a little sunshine to your lives, we’d like to share this article by The Age‘s Danny Katz.

In this uproarious article, Katz explains that, though straight, he loves a good musical and couldn’t wait to see the stage adaptation of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

There is no question that I am gay. I am gay as a gay man can be – apart from the small, almost negligible matter of how I really enjoy sleeping with naked women, and the other teeny tiny matter of how gay men find me about as attractive as a trifle-bowl filled with infected knee-scabs.

I am what’s known as a hetero-homo or, as we’re often called, “homo-sex-with-gals”. And just like any proper genuine gay man, I get most excited about a big lavish stage musical: My Fair Lady, Hair, Cabaret, any Stephen Sondheim show featuring Mandy Patinkin singing like a 12-year-old girl.

Of his trip to see Priscilla, Katz refers to the bathroom as “a whole theatrical experience in itself”.